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Community Hypnosis

With Certified Hypnotherapist Khrys Kantarze

Fall 2016 Through Spring 2017 Schedule

Hypnotherapist Khrys Kantarze leads each session as a wide variety of topics are administered. Clients may reserve a chair (limited) or lie on the floor on yoga mats, pillows and blankets. Each individual experiences their own session in the quiet of their own mind. Except for the first session on Wednesday, November 2, the schedule of topics is presented the last Monday of each month from 6:00 – 7:00 PM.

November 2: God Consciousness. This session is suggested for developing an attitude of unconditional love toward circumstances and individuals in your world.

November 28: Inner Cathedral (FREE). This session is being repeated by popular demand and is my gift to you.

Deep within our Inner being is a sanctuary of understanding, insight and wisdom. This session is suggested for those wishing to access their own sanctuary for a deeper understanding of their spiritual nature.

January 30: Realizing your Resolutions.

February 27: The Source. This session is suggested for those wishing to establish harmony in their interactions, balance in their lives and a positive effect in their world.

March 27: Unlocking Prosperity. Prosperity is a state of mind, manifest in physical form. One's openness to the "flow" of prosperity is essential for manifesting abundance.

April 24: Cellular Release. The cells of the body are affected by negative emotional, mental or physical experiences which alter the cell's original coding causing physical, emotional and mental dis-ease and illness. This session seeks to re-establish proper cellular functioning.

November 2016 – April 2017
Time: 6:00 – 7:00 PM
Cost: $15.00/session

Call Khrys at 386.234.0846 for more information or email a reservation to:

Location: Suwannee River Yoga