Russell Buddy Helm is classically trained since the age of eight. He has played with many great musicians: Tim Buckley, Frank Zappa, Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley, the Allman Brothers, Bethlehem Asylum, Wolfman Jack, Baba Olatungi, Mike Bloomfield, Ray Manzarek, (Doors), Big Joe Turner, Billy Burnett, Wendy Rule, and others; and recorded soundtracks for Ron Howard. He wrote the Star Wars Comic strips for George Lucas, and was post production supervisor for Lorimar-Telepictures in Los Angeles. His videos and artwork have been in the National Festival of the Arts.

Contact: Dottie Price, 386.208.3966.


Enhance Energy  Remove Stress  Improve Health  Relieve Pain

Drumming Meditation Workshop

with Russell Buddy Helm

The power of the Groove transforms us, creating happiness, health, safety, and confidence – regardless of musical talent. The Downbeat is all-inclusive, enriching everyone willing to share the sacred and fun rhythms. Heal, relax, and enjoy life. Reduce stress and high blood pressure. Manage emotions, modify behavior, gently free old trauma, and create new beliefs. Command the Universe with your beat!

Secrets of the ancient grooves are revealed in a supportive, easy-to-play style with no competition. Lots of fun! Some djembes available for playing/purchase.

Location: Suwannee River Yoga