Christopher Baxter, architect, founding member of Kripalu Center, and the author of "Kripalu Hatha Yoga" has been a retreat leader, yoga mentor, yoga teacher-trainer, and seminar leader for over 30 years. For bio or information on Christopher Baxter's approach to yoga, visit

Contact: Dottie Price, 386.208.3966.


Enhance Energy  Remove Stress  Improve Health  Relieve Pain

Yoga and Meditation – the Core of Wellness

with Christopher Baxter, RYT

Learn the mind-body essence of economical self-health care. See the flyer (PDF, 160KB) for details.


Body and breath as the basis for wellness: core yoga, breathwork, and deep relaxation.


Mindfulness and meditation as the method for wellness: meditation, mindfulness, and clear-mind training.

Fees: Morning session only: $40; Vegetarian lunch: $7; Afternoon session only: $40; Both sessions: $75

Location: Suwannee River Yoga